Wellness has much more to do with the lifestyle

The first question that pops in my mind is that what is wellness? Is it a relative term that varies from person to person or should a universal definition be demarcated? It occurs to me that no matter how individuals perceive it, the world wide acceptance of wellness will boil down to a few majors. Health and wellness are terms that are often exchanged, but their origins and meanings are unlike.

Wellness is:

“…a state of  mental, well-being, social and not merely the absence of infirmity or disease”

“a conscious, self-directed and evolving process of achieving full potential.”

A person’s attitude is heavily dependent on the lifestyle he or she has espoused over the course of time. The way of living for any being encompasses several wellness factors such as emotional, physical, intellectual, spiritual, occupational and social where each is strongly influenced by an external variable such as the amount of sleep you get, the food you feed your body with and the physical exertion your body undergoes. Therefore it would be wrong to say that external variables don’t impact how well you are.

Let us now explore each dimension of wellness. Physical progression heartens learning of nutrition and diet while dispiriting the consumption of drugs and a large amount of alcoholic use. perfect wellness is accomplished by the fusion of good exercise and diet routine. In order to achieve this, you’ll work to invest time building physical strength, endurance, and flexibility while also taking defensive cautions including self-care medications. This aspect of well-being necessitates personal accountability and carefulness for trivial ill health and also accepting when skillful medical care is needed.

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When working on the physical well being, you will be ready to observe your own significant signs and realize your body’s threatening signs. You’ll accept the link between good diet and how your body works. The physical advantages of looking great and feeling good mostly result as the psychological advantages of improved confidence, determination, sense of direction, self-discipline etc. Physical fitness follows these rules:

  • Prefer intake of drinks and food that upgrade health instead of those which harm it.
  • Prefer being physically fit than being devious from the body line.

The intellectual extension distinguishes one’s productive, motivating mental work. A fit person increases his or her skills and knowledge while inventing the hidden potential for sharing with others, his or her gifts. Using external variables such as knowledgeable and traditional exercises in the classroom and apart from the classroom amalgamated with the stuff available within the learning community, a good person values cerebral growth and motivation.

As per the 3 views of National Wellness Institute wellness and the relation with external variables can be understood:

  • Wellness is deemed to be a conscious, self-directed and developing process of achieving full potential.
  • Wellness is complete and multi-dimensional, encircling lifestyle, environment, mental and spiritual well-being.
  • Wellness is positive and affirming.

Everybody’s life is undoubtedly uptight with stresses, and it’s wise to question from time to time whether they are threatening our health and wellness. Stress can absolutely affect our health. It can affect physical, mental, and social well-being. But when we talk about wellness its effect is up to only a point, in that: “…it can affect one’s perspective or dampen one’s energy, negatively influencing one’s commitment to self-care and the aim to achieve one’s fullest potential.”

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The distinction is that wellness is indeed a matter of choice. Every day offers choices as to the limit to which you do what’s best to ensure your physical, mental/emotional, and social well-being, and preserve the balance among these aspects of your health. Ideal health comes from wellness, from making decisions and working on behaviors that are based on comprehensive health knowledge and healthful attitudes. And all of this is affected by your routine which is affected by external variables. You cannot expect a person who eats junk only, has no exercise routine and still be talking about wellness in the practical terminology. There does come a moment when such temporary satisfaction and happiness are blurred and the way out is to seek for aid via external variables as described above. We can’t eliminate the stresses totally from our lives, but we can make the efforts and intelligent lifestyle choices to prevent these stress inducing factors from wearing us down.

It is impossible to have a positive attitude for well-being in life when otherwise you’re living a lazy life with no proper nurturing of your mental, spiritual, emotional, physical well-being. The risk factors could be any of the following:

  • Genetic and physiological factors
  • Age
  • Environment
  • Lifestyle

So in order to meet the goal of eliminating these, a correct attitude would be temporary and wouldn’t sustain for long. In order to keep a positive and healthy attitude going, you need to incorporate a healthy lifestyle in light of anything that makes you feel more energized towards keeping your life healthy. Research shows that a healthy diet and exercise helps a person focus more on the positivity of life. To draw a comparison lets study two lifestyles:

Lifestyle A: A person follows a good diet plan with controlled cheat meal days and a good exercise routine and a positive interactive lifestyle meeting emotional, spiritual, occupational needs. Such a person does not aimlessly eat healthily and get engaged in physical activity but has a sense of purpose and a well-defined attitude to live every day.

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Lifestyle B: A person who starts every day with a very poor attitude, eats junk and gets improper sleep hours, has aimless, unmonitored physical activities involvement (exercise etc) so is laid back and lazy towards many of his/her life goals. Thereby every day, his attitude adopted shatters to a drained form of sulkiness and anything but wellness.

Comparing the two lifestyles mentioned above, anybody who loves life would opt for the first example. It is essential to understand the importance of a good diet plan for an invigorated approach to life. Most of the processed foods lack the nutrient rich portion that our body needs every day. Unhealthy food may relish our taste buds but internally they are leading to a wide array of problems that can lead to laziness, to start with. It is advised to adopt a greener eating style; by that, it is implied that vegetables, fruit, and fish should be part of your balanced diet regime.  Apart from this, Vitamin D is one of the utmost vital vitamins (actually a hormonal precursor) that is the need of our body. Deficiency of Vitamin D has caused to increase rates of cancer, skin conditions, heart diseases , burnings, lowered immune function and dropped the level of calcium. Elemental constituents of physical wellness comprise of building muscular strength and endurance, cardiovascular strength and endurance as well as flexibility. I would also categorize Sleep as an external variable here because these days it is a commonly growing trend that our youth becomes ignorant to the plea signs our body gives when it needs rest and the person must sleep. A proper sleeping pattern would be inherent but keeping in mind the factors controlling this pattern it would be fair to term it as an indirect external variable.

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If a person adopts an attitude of sleeping early but due to the person acquiring occupational, mental, physical unwell state, the adoption of this variable nullifies. It is important, therefore, to stress that getting an adequate amount of sleep every day is also very significant for one’s well-being. Research has proven that around 7-8 hours of sleep everyday lightens up one’s mood and attitude whereby improving the behavioral aptitude. The body needs to sleep so it can work properly because our organs not only process but also renew during sleep. Our endocrine system equates the levels of hormones, the immune setup performance is boosted to be at a bigger level and the brain revives. However, knowing the importance alone is not sufficient, a correctly balanced attitude is necessary too.

From the argumentative stances stated above, it is easier for me to reiterate my argument that a person’s attitude adopted is interlinked with external variables like exercise and eating a healthy diet. A person’s attitude towards how every hour in a 24 hour day should utilize is important and a correct attitude would embrace the external variables mentioned in the topic statement. Wellness is attributed to a correct attitude incorporating the variables like exercise and healthy diet for fitness; both physical and mental. We cannot isolate the two or deem one more important than other because a correct combination of these alone will lead to wellness, desired by all.

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