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One of the most often problems faced by many democratic countries is the process of voting. There are about 192 countries in the world and within them about 123 are democratic. Every country has its own voting system through which they elect their leaders and government. When we talk about the voting system the power of attorney is actually in the hands of the public. They have proper right to choose their leader, they have right to choose that who runs the government. Every country has several voting rights and laws which ensure every voter that they can vote whoever they want to elect. When we talk about Pakistan only, it is also a democratic country.

There are several parties which select there one of the candidates to be a participant in the elections and out of those only the participants with the higher votes are elected for the government sectors. In Democracy, your vote is your voice You can make your country listen to you through your vote. So, we must speak up and we must say something. Those who don’t vote don’t want their country to listen to their voice. With the help of our voting rights, we can tell our leaders that if we don’t like them and if they don’t wish to speak for us then definitely we also don’t want to hear them either. Our vote is a kind of a sword through which we can safeguard our future and our country’s future. If we don’t use our voting rights, then we are impairing our future.

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Although everyone has its own right or choice to vote or not to vote but if we don’t vote then when these underhand and dishonest leaders will be elected and when they don’t give us our rights then we will recall the moment that if only we vote a right person then he will not be elected. So, voting is significant many nations changed their countries future through it. Everyone can talk about the government but no one will do anything to change the government. “Voters vote to “become” what they want to be and this is independent of the probability of being the decisive voter” (“JSTOR”). So voting is a kind of right of every citizen.

In Pakistan, total population is about 182.1 million out them about only 86.9 million are registered for voting by the election commission it shows that the voter turnout is about 55% and out of them the one who gets about 35%-40% votes will win the entire election. So now the question is that why people don’t vote actually think that their single vote isn’t counted but the reality is totally opposite to it each and every vote counts a lot in our society. There are several kinds of laws according to which voting is compulsory and if someone doesn’t vote then there will be specific kind of penalty or fine so in order to escape from the punishment, people start voting. Such kind of laws is called Compulsory Voting (CV) laws.

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According to the Assistant Professor and Victoria Schuck Faculty Scholar, Department of Political Science, “Over twenty countries around the world have some form of compulsory voting, which requires citizens to register to vote and to go to their polling place or vote on the election day. With secret ballots, it is not really possible to prove who has or has not voted so this process could be more accurately called “compulsory turnout”. (“Race and American Political Development”) Compulsory voting also increase the voter’s turnout because more people vote more will be the diverse changes of the participant winning and more the people have chances to elect the person they want to choose for their country.

The most important issue is that why the people don’t want to vote actually many people have no interest in politics and they even don’t know that whom they want to elect so we can say that lack of knowledge is one of the main reason that they don’t want to vote. Compulsory voting force these people to vote due to these laws people starts to think that which politician will be better and start taking interest in voting. According to the research paper on Australian electoral system “With Optional Preferential Voting, the voter may allocate preferences to as few as one candidate. This system can produce similar outcomes to full Preferential Voting, but can also produce results where the winning candidate wins with less than half of the votes.

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It also clearly lessens the importance of preferences in many seats.” (“Parliament of Australia”) Many people who are illiterate think that they even don’t have the basic knowledge so how can they choose a leader. Actually, voting doesn’t require a degree or a qualification it only requires your suggestion that which candidate you think will be the best. So, people should vote to raise their voice and tell it to the other people.

Imagine that the day of your death has been decided. And you have given three choices that you can die in any of these three ways (i) by hanging yourself (ii) by coming under the train (iii) or by having cyanide. So, you will think that hanging yourself is troublesome, it will hum if you jump in front of the train so having cyanide will be the best option. No pain, no trouble, easy death. This is the dilemma you face every 4 years in the form of elections. Should you vote for someone who has scammed 2000 crore rupees? Or the one who scammed 1000 crore rupees? Or the one who did only 200 crore rupees? Now compared to 2000 and 1000 the one with 200 crore scam seems, to be honest. So, let’s vote for him. Though he’ll loot us but at least less than others. Similarly, when compared to people who have committed 15 or 9 murders a person who did only 2 will seem honest. So, let’s vote for him.


What can we do? We don’t have any other choice. This is the biggest problem of our country. We should vote for the one we like the most, but we vote for the one we least dislike. In Sweden and Finland this doesn’t happen they are the two great countries of Europe. There if people don’t like any of the candidates they’ll give their precious vote to their favorite cartoon. Hence Donald Duck (famous cartoon character) is a very popular leader out there. Unfortunately, in our country, we are allowed to vote for the ministers but not cartoons. So, who will you vote? Who will you support? Not giving vote is one of the main reason that the deserving one doesn’t win.

Although we live in a democratic country and it simply means that everyone has freedom whatever they want to do so to compel someone so vote. Everyone has right that if they don’t want to do something then why should they do that? Why should be there is a compulsion of voting. But if we see the after effects of the compulsory voting then we will see that voting has very importance and voting is also a right of every citizen through which people could show their power and if there are CV laws in our country than as there will be compulsion of voting so people have to vote to they’ll try to take interest in politics and they think to vote the right person. So, it shows that simply CV laws are actually in our favor.


The essay actually doesn’t ask you to vote for a particular politician, it only asks you to just vote and use your voting power so that in future if somebody wins so the people who don’t like that particular person don’t feel that he/she wouldn’t have won if they would have voted. If you don’t want to vote one politician, then it’s okay. Press none of the above options but please vote. So, we should use our voting power so that we could show others that we also have the voice and somebody who could listen to our voice if the countries like Australia, Sweden, and Finland can change their system then why we can’t do the same?  Why we can raise our voice and tell our corrupt ministers that we don’t like you that’s why we aren’t electing you.

If you aren’t voting, then you value is just like a dumb whom God haven’t given the power to speak obviously when nobody is listening to us then how can we tell them about our existence. How can we tell our corrupt politicians that we aren’t here to listen to your lame excuses? Voting is the only way we can do it and it is the only way through which we can change our corrupt system. People have to know how this works so that they know that how they can choose a person who can run this system in a right way.

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