What Is A Student Getting Out Of This Educational System?

Alienation exists in student and their relation to study in so many ways. Students are unable to control the conditions, they are alienated from the long-term product of their study, and they are alienated from the possible outcome as well as they no longer see their fellow being as equal. They either see their fellow individual as superior or inferior, on the basis of grades, on the basis of money, their lifestyle and other things. They are stuck in a cycle where they have to come up with the answers to the questions that they have not written and they have no interest about.

It’s like when pressure builds up and things become out of control only then the student realize that he needs to study. Most of the students are studying a subject just because they can have better job options rather than pursue their interest. The only important thing is who is capitalist in this whole situation. The problem is not only the student is acting as a labor but also the teacher is acting as a labor and is unable to control the conditions that he is working in, as well as alienation to the product as in this condition the student, alienation of human nature as in this case the long term effect of their work. Both teacher and student are acting as labors unsure of the future as well as the outcome of their work.

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They are alienated from the product and process. The process of working is so tough that the interest, uniqueness and the individuality of the person are lost somewhere in between the tests and the class tasks. Money is acting as a universal pimp in this condition, not only the student has to do a part-time job in order to pay the expenses but also he has to take care of the student loans. Imagine a labor working day and night in order to achieve the money in the form of currency that he is unsure that is ever going to work for him or not. In this case, the labor is a student and the currency is degree. On the other hand, feudalism is still there, people who are born in rich families can afford a better lifestyle as well as better education as compared to a person who is completely self-made.

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With the current job market, the probability of getting a job is so low that a student never has the option to choose between the ‘better’ options. He acts as labor who has nothing to do with the product in both colleges and at the job. After a tough day at work and night in the study and other household activities when he returns to the classroom he learns nothing, he is just trying to set in the mechanical world where his human characteristic i.e. tiredness, sleep, hunger are pushing him at the end of the line. On the other hand, he is graded on the amount of work. Most of the people know the flaws of the system but do not want to change it, the reason is people who have power are not interested and people who are interested have no power. No one in education ministry is ready to reform the system they can select the budget, the general information but they have bigger issues than a student trying to pay off his student loans. He is alienated of the product, most of the time people are so busy in their work and just remain in their own nutshell that they never figure out the actual product that they are making. He just knows people with respect to their services rather than a fellow human or by the social conditions.

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Most of the student know their professor as a person who teaches them a specific language, specific subject or just a specific semester they never try to know people in person. Same goes for their fellow students, they mostly don’t know their fellows without the reference of class or semester. The pressure of getting good grades and getting a job, a better job, being successful is so much that we neglect that we are not only losing our uniqueness but also we are trying to fit in a mechanical system and we are becoming machines. Our strengths are becoming our weakness, the quality, and precision that should be the main goal are neglected and everyone is running behind the quantity instead. It does not matter how good a person is in a certain course if he is not good in every subject the grades will drop. The only solution is if we bring back the roots, we have to make the student realize about the product, the process of production and the fellow human. Social interactions, focusing on quality, listening to ideas and knowing what is happening around is very important.

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The capitalist in this whole case is the system, so deeply rooted is everything that we are unable to point out the person who is benefiting from everything. Perhaps, the people who make law or the people who benefit in the form of education fee and do not care if the student is failing. All they care about is their work and money. They don’t focus on learning but grades, marks, and quantity of words. In an education system like this, there may be a boy who dropped out because of the student loans but is the key to cancer or a more deadly disease. The uniqueness of an individual can never be an alternative of the quantity of work or grades.

The development of the world that we live in has cost us everything, the human instincts, characteristic, life and even our morals and values. All these things together play an important role in making us who we are today. Stuck in the mechanical world full of machines trying to fit in and be just like them. Marx theory about capitalism has to be one of the most effective ways to explain the problems that we are facing today.

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