Power Of Visualization & Imagination

Well, not a single person in my view is that busy to have no leisure time in his or her life. We all have minds to think and have liberty for those free thoughts that come in our minds. When we sit in solitary and have no one around us and talk to ourselves and that talking is inside our heads.

We create our small imaginary world in which we see ourselves buoyant with all the things that we desire for day and night. Everyone is living with a hope of fulfilling something which we call ‘aim’ in simple. Sometimes things that we love and show our affection for, start going away from our reach so we go through phases of depression but then as times passes we overcome it thus our desire changes, our path changes too and we start going after that.

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We all are humans, not angels and we do think bad things, evil things sometimes, we become selfish too, worst things do strike our minds and we keep those idiotic thoughts to ourselves. When it comes to me being honest I do think weird things when I’m alone. Things that no one can even imagine. Well in my view these so called personal thoughts should be kept personal. Sometimes when our thoughts of fulfilling something that so called ambition doesn’t come true, we drown somewhere deep, lose our hopes and just think that everything is over and we are left with nothing. These wrong thoughts should be eradicated. That place where we think we have fallen is exactly the place from where our new hopes for rising up begins.

We just need a few jerks of motivation and there you are rising up with something better in your way, something you deserve. I know we lose hope sometimes, want to scream so loud that the whole freaking world listens to us, we want to be alone and cry the hell out of ourselves, the storm inside us and all the disasters that are waiting to cause a huge destruction but all we do is to put a fake smile and pretend to be okay in front of the world.

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This is totally wrong and it kills you from inside. Everyone dies from inside when the things they want go away from them. But that’s not the end of everything. We should be rising with the power of visualization and imagination to overcome all the sorrows we are gone through. That’s what actually the true spirit is. When it comes to me, I have learned to hide the things that hurt me deep inside. We all know that we only get to live once so why to waste that precious time after the things that ruin our minds and lives.

Let them go and think about the better things coming ahead in our way. Life is a journey of seeking new things and learning from them so never regret and look back, just move on and try to live the happiest moments of it and dealing the worst ones with bravery and courage. That’s is the thing what life demands from us!

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