Pakistan-A State Nation Or Nation State?

A nation state is the idea of a homogeneous nation governed by its own sovereign state; where each state contains one nation. The belief that every nation should be a state and every state should be a nation is misguided since many states in the modern world contain more than one nation within their boundaries. Nation state is a concept that every state should be a nation and this is the accepted normative vision of the modern democratic state.


In a state nation the democratic leaders have to choose between the exclusion of nationalistic groups and their integration in society. In a state nation they choose to recognize more than one cultural and even ethnic identity and give it institutional support. When more than one nation makes up for a state the state is then a state nation. Countries such as India, Switzerland and Belgium are the perfect models of a state nation. Pakistan in the current state is a nation still finding a proper functional state however to choose between the two, I’d say Pakistan is very likely a nation state than a state nation.

Feature Image Credits: BuzzPK

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