Pablo Escobar: Psychological Profiling & Ethical Issues

Pablo is one of the best drug lords the world will ever know. He transformed the meaning of the drug lord and change everything about the world of narcotics. He is the true example of power and chaos all in one. With the best backup plans he knew how to get what he always wanted. He had money more than the government and the country. He had the power more than the president of the country.

All the forces of all the countries combined searching for Pablo and still were unable to achieve their goal. He was also known as the king of cocaine. He was considered as one of the most dangerous people on earth at that time. He is also known as the wealthiest criminal in the history. Even now the criminals look up to him, he is also known as the pioneer of organized crime. He was 10 richest man with an estimated amount of $30 billion.

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Pablo was born in Colombia. He was third of the seven children. His father was a farmer while his mother was an elementary school teacher. His mission was to become a millionaire before reaching his 22nd birthday while his mother had a dream to see him as the president of Colombia. Both these wishes drove him to do everything in his power. He became a billionaire but he never became a president although he tried to get in to politics, this was the only regret in his life. At his time he had everything under control from best doctors, lawyers, judges, technicians.

He owned everything, he believed that if you cannot have anything no one can have it. He proved this with his acts. He gave rise to a country that was never safe, he killed thousands of people and destroyed many houses, shops, cars etc. he use to kidnap people and pressurize the government in order to achieve his demands. Word still fascinates the ways through which he became a billionaire who once belonged to a middle class family, surely it requires a lot of courage and an excellent mind. Up till now more than five movies, TV-series, hundreds of articles, books and documentaries are filmed on his life style, family, cocaine business and other business.

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In 1975 Pablo started his cocaine business, he started meeting people who made the finest powder in Colombia. He flew a plane between Colombia and Panama, his main smuggling rout was United States and so as soon as he came into business US was filled with white powder. Almost 80% of the cocaine smuggled and supplied to the US was by Pablo. After the government came to know and agencies tried to work against him, he was arrested for the first time along with some of his friends for the possession of around 18kg of white paste. He tried to work it out by bribing but soon he realized it was not going to work so he had two of the officers killed and the law suit was finally dropped.

This made him satisfied with the success and took this as a sign. This became his signature move and he started killing people who worked against him, that was the point when Colombia started bleeding. No one was safe, on roads, schools, colleges, offices and even in their own houses. He killed the president and after that he even killed anyone who would stand as a candidate. In one of his attempts to kill the presidential candidate he below up a plane with more than 300 passengers on the board. That’s when Colombia declared him a criminal openly.


At this point America finally realized that more than 80% of the cocaine was coming from Colombia, and president of America declared Pablo an international criminal. America was having a major crack down for cocaine, spring breaks, parties, high schools, offices every place was full of drugs and the reason was just one person Pablo Escobar. America asked Colombia if they could help, but at first Colombia refused. As the things in Colombia started to get worse they finally accepted the offer and together they started to work against him. But they did not realize that he became more violent than before, he started killing more people not only regular civilians abut also the trained commandos and soldiers. He started kidnapping the children and the relatives of famous politicians, judges, journalists and anyone he could find. He burned down the high court and all the records and Profs against him. He thought that was it, but he never realized that everyone he killed was making him one step close to his own death.

After the forces joined together to arrest him, he started to kill more people every day. He knew that if he get caught in Colombia it will be fine but as America is now involved this may lead him to go to America and be imprisoned in maximum security prison. He forced the government to settle by convincing them that he no longer will do anything that is against law from now onwards but they have to let him built his own prison in a place he likes, or otherwise he will kill more people than ever and smuggle more drugs than he have ever done before. Colombia was not in a state to fight both internal and external enemies both at the same point while they were already at stake for safety, poverty, educational and other issues. This made the president realized that it’s no longer any good to fight more and as a result they finally settled.

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Settling gave him independence, he made a big palace with every facility possible. Swimming pool, casino, game room, basement, guest room everything that anyone could ever think of. And not only that but he also said that he would have his own guards while the police or any army soldier would not be allowed to come anywhere near 20 km of the palace. Once everything got settled Colombia was free, but not for long. Everything came rushing back even with more force so this time the president took the help of America once again. During a settlement plan Pablo kept hostage the prime minister of Colombia and as a result for the first time army and commandos came in and performed a clearance operation.

Pablo ran as a result but he was later caught and killed in 1993 and that’s how a drug lord, most notorious, and most powerful of all came to an end. After his death filmmakers portrayed him in many ways which were contradictory to each other but surprisingly all of them were true. He was portrayed as a cold hearted murderer, a family man, a loving husband, a protective friend, a hero for poor, a killer of justice, funny and chatty man with a charismatic personality. Even after his death his family never accepted the fact that he ever did something like that or even was capable of doing anything that was so dangerous. Later after many years finally his son released a documentary named the sins of my father that explains a list of things that his father has done.

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Psychological profiling

He was a middle child which makes him a person who weight and plan in a better way than just act out randomly. One of the thing that drove him to do every possible thing was his mother’s dream of seeing him a president that later became his dream. He was also known as robin hood because he would spend a lot of money for the poor people and regardless of what most of people have to say about him he was indeed good to the poor people. He was a loving father and loved his children so much that once his daughter asked him to buy her a unicorn, Pablo made a vet stich wings and a cone stapled to the horse. He also had a living doll house for his daughter. He knew how to show love and affection and he did.

For his mother, children, wife, friends and family Pablo was a protective person. It’s interesting how a person can be possessive for his family yet destroy thousands of families. Pablo had a vision and his vision was so strong that it camouflaged every good thing he ever did. He lived in a society full of politicians who were not loyal to their country so he decided to be a president but he had one more dream, and that was to become a billionaire. Sadly for Pablo both dream got tangled and left him helpless. And for the other people he became a monster, even now where most of the people fantasize Pablo Colombia still fears the dead Pablo.


Ethical issues

The case is full of ethical issues. A drug lord and killer should never be given so much fame. The movies and books about Pablo are available in more than twenty languages which makes him an icon for most of the people not only the movies and TV-series made him more famous but also gave rise to a whole new generation that is full of curiosity who is running wildly to be like Pablo. No matter how badly we portray Pablo we are still portraying him which means we are giving rise to the people who want to be like him. Mind of a person is very complex, it can pick subtle clues and make it work for later in life and that is the type of people we are trying to avoid. People from all around the world search Pablo, watch documentaries, movies and read books about him every day. Making more than twenty movies and thousands of articles and books just make him famous as Hitler. While making a criminal profile a person should only narrow down the options while keeping them open, in this case they closed most of the options and as a result the mortality rate reached hundred.

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