US & South Korea Missile Drill After North Korea ICBM Launch

After the North Korea ICBM launch, United States and South Korea exercises a ballistic missile drill in order to make North Korea realize their “grave mistake”.

Some long-range ballistic missile experts have an intuition that the range can target up to Alaska.

Russia and China, who is North’s economic ally, has urged North Korea to rusticate its nuclear weapons program in order to halt the military exercises of United States and South Korea.

The latest in the series of tests was in resistance of the ban imposed by UN Security Council.

UN Security Council has formed a session of 15-member body for the meeting that will take place on Wednesday. United States has asked the UN Security Council to look into the issue and get it resolved.

Pyongyang after successfully testing the Intercontinental Ballistic Missilie (ICBM) has once again defied the rules of UN.

Most experts believe that the claim of North Korea about long range nuclear weapon is still a deceit.
The two Korean countries are technically still indulged in War since the 1950’s.

Response of US & South Korea

Today United States and South Korea carried out ballistic missile exercise in the waters of Japan. The South Korean President Moon Jae-in later claimed that this was a much needed exercise in order to demonstrate a defense posture against the ICBM launch.


  • Is this missile testing a game changer? 
  • Can US afford the dense against North Korea? 
  • What will be the consequences faced by the outer world? 
  • Should Russia and China urge North Korea to halt? 
  • Is this leading to another war with catastrophic consequences? 
  • Will North Korea step back in its ICBM launch?

“We are able to change our choice when so ordered by our alliance’s national leaders. It would be a grave mistake for anyone to believe anything to the contrary,”   a joint statement by Gen Vincent Brooks, commander of US forces Korea, and South Korean Joint Chiefs Chairman Gen Lee Sun-jin.

How is the world reacting?

The President of Russia, Vladimir Putin met with Chinese President in Moscow this Tuesday and said, “the opposing sides should start negotiations”.

Japan protested and stated, “repeated provocations like this are absolutely unacceptable”.

“A new escalation of the threat to the United States, our allies and partners, the region, and the world” stated by US Secretary of States.

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