Media’s role in Foreign policy of Pakistan

Importance of media

Media is sometimes considered as the fourth concealed pillar of state after the three major pillars that make up for a democratic state. As the world changed after the World Wars and democracy flourished as the main form of government almost everywhere in the world, the demand for right to information, the freedom of speech or expression resulted in the foundation of the contemporary media. No country can live in isolation and thus for foreign relations every country needs a well-developed foreign policy and media has a great role in shaping it.


The modern day media has so much power that a common man can ever know. From print media to electronic media, media has no limits to what it can do; how higher it can go or how lower it can stoop in a worst case scenario. The “CNN effect” and its influence on world politics and international relations is enough proof of the invisible separate entity media has become in the society.

Influence on Pakistan’s foreign policy:

Foreign dealings are an essential attribute of the modern democratic state and are vital for the survival of a state in the world. No country can live in isolation and thus for foreign relations every country needs a well-developed foreign policy. Considered now as the fourth pillar of democracy, media has started to influence the foreign policy of the country. The foreign office also uses media to convey their message and hence the media acts as the non-human diplomat on behalf of the country. Now, Pakistani media vigilantly discusses sensitive foreign matters and aware the common people of the country on the ongoing situations around the globe.

Foreign relations are aimed at the betterment of citizens and eventually the state itself this further then brings public opinion into the equation. Media almost acts as a bridge between the public and the foreign policy makers. Media provides critical feedback on policies and helps bring out the public opinion in open. It can also shape the public opinion by providing them with enough information and facts and figures about a certain policy or issue. Social Media has become a platform for politicians and other significant people to convey their messages properly and gain public support for whatever they desire at that time.


The role of Pakistani media in foreign policy decisions have been evidently unavoidable and by the looks of it, it is safe to say that media will only grow more powerful in the coming years. Pakistani media is still not fully reliable and authentic but few have learned from the past mistakes and so the media now is much matured. In most of the countries, the local media is bound to respect the state policy especially when it concerns the foreign relations aspect of that country.

The relationship between the Pakistani media and the government’s foreign policies is still very delicate and fragile and needs some more years to completely flourish and support one another when needed.

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