Role Of Mechanical Engineer In Automotive Industry

This report is about role of Mechanical Engineers in Automotive and automobile industry. In this report we will discuss about roles, duties and rights of a Mechanical engineer. I will also discuss how a Mechanical engineer is considered the back bone of Automobile industry in this report.

Role & Work Of Mechanical Engineer

The basic task of a mechanical applied engineer is to analyze various factors and parameters concerning a mechanical job. A mechanical engineer analyze the program expression web site and the whole production process carried out at that site. In improver , a mechanical engineer use his mechanical engineering background knowledge to propose and supervise various construction efforts in many different areas of his field of force . He will apply mechanical engineering principles to guarantee that structures are constructed in the safest, and strongest manner.

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Mechanical automobile engineers have important part in automotive industry. Mechanical engineers may body of work as mechanical structural engineer mainly devising the structures to be carried out in the Industry. They also work as supervision engineers so their main role is to supervise the whole processes taking place. Sometimes mechanical engineers also perform various managerial use and serve as managing engineers, managing the whole automotive production processes.

Mechanical engineers blueprint transportation or hydraulic system of rules and social system ,following expression and government standards using drought software. They usually construct, operate and maintain activities at the project site. They are also involved in surveying the layout of installations. Moreover they identify the impact of environmental conditions on the project. Mainly mechanical engineers in automotive industry are involved in the construction and regulation of the production line . But in fiat to be a professional mechanical engineer there are some requirements. Automotive careers-Mechanical/Structural Engineer (2015).



Mechanical engine driving requires understanding and import of cognition rather than learning. To become a professional mechanical engineer a mortal needs to have the enough knowledge about the matter and need to develop science and attributes. Some basic knowledge, skills and attributes are listed below:


The most important thing any applied scientist require in his particular field of force is his suitable degree related with his profession. A mechanical technologist especially in automotive industry must know how to operate approach organization and solve different mathematical problems and trigonometry . He should also have the basic cognition of hydraulics, filth mechanics and grounding and environment engineering.In addition he also need to have a basic understanding of structural psychoanalysis , structural innovation and expression management. A mechanical engineer also needs to have the knowledge of materials which mainly include formation of different metallic element . Gilberto (2015). There are also some acquisition which are required in order to be a successful mechanical engineer.

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A successful mechanical engine driver 10 senses of master certain technical accomplishment such as complex problems solving, critical thinking, etc. In automotive industry reckoner technique is very important as most professionals now a day’s workplace extensively with computer drafting software’s that aid them in designing the construction models. A mechanical engineer should be able to explain design approximation and architectural plan in a perfective manner and should have quick decision making ability. And the most important skills a mechanical engineer are the good communicating skills and good teamwork skills. Subject calling serve , line of work information (2015). But mere noesis and skills are not enough for a mechanical engineer but he also needs some good attribute which are very important for his professional life.


A successful mechanical engineer in automotive diligence should be a problem solver and should maintain integrity . He should be curious and practical about how liveliness employment s and should be a good prentice . He should enjoy acquisition how to make things work more efficiently. He should be creative in thoughts, hardworking and well-disciplined too. In last he should be honest with himself and his society. There are some certain ethical issues which should be addressed in an appropriate method acting .

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Code Of Ethics

As an engineer one should use his knowledge and skills for the welfare and betterment of the biotic community to create engineering result for a sustainable hereafter tense . In doing so he/she should strive to preserves the community ahead of other personal or sectional interests  There are some criteria that are discussed by Engine driver Australia . Some of them are demonstrating integrity towards others which means that the engineer should be a trusted, honest and should practice competently i.e. they has to develop skill and knowledge as per required (2015, Code of Ethics- Engineers Australia, reviewed on sise /11/2015). Moreover a mechanical engineer should also practice leadership and promote sustainability to conserve the resource and environment for the future genesis .
There are some full general ethical issues that are described below: . Inappropriate safety device measures . Incompetence of the engine driver . Selfishness of the engineers, harming their company by preferring their personal benefit over the society. Thus an engineer should consider and abide by are to hold paramount the safety, health, welfare of the public, perform serve only in areas of their competency, act for each employer or client as realistic federal agent or trustees, avoid spurious acts, and behave themselves responsibly, morally and legally so as to improve the reputation, honor and helpfulness of the profession. Online Ethics Centre (2015).

An Ethical Issue

Incidents are caused by the unawareness of the technologists. Such locomotive engineer put the lives of many people to the risk. There should be a proper control system that would not allow the mixture of accelerator and coal rubble . Thus now it is the obligation of a professional engineer that he should ensure that there are appropriate prophylactic measuring to prevent such conditions. In such cases it is the lack of responsibility of an engineer that he should tell to his management that using such mechanism is not safe so some proper safety measures are needed before the launch of project to avoid such situations. If there is a minor risk of such an incident the process should not be started because it involves the lives of many people.



In short, I would like to say that mechanical engine room is a wide and diverse form of technology . A pro mechanical engineer has diverse range of knowledge, competency in attainment and perfective attribute . He can oeuvre in every kind of industriousness because he has the strong encyclopaedism skills. Also he is the owner of good ethics. In automotive industry too he plays some vital role and supervise the whole project in a professional manner.


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