JIT Panama Leaks Verdict Announced

Some 11.5 million documents known as Panama Papers were leaked in 2015 that contained financial and attorney client information of more than two hundred thousand offshore entities across the globe.

140 politicians of different countries across the globe were enlisted in the Panama Leaks. Ministers of different nations across the world were kicked from their posts as the issue heated. An Impeachment Movement was carried out against Ukrainian President. David Cameroon PM United Kingdom resigned as one of names of the family members was in those Leaks. The PM of Iceland also resigned immediately as per the demand of citizens.

Except the Prime Minister of Pakistan, 139 politicians have been scrutinized and charged of guilty and crime so far to this day. Cases of money laundering, tax evasion, documents tempering and corruption were charged on PM Nawaz Sharif. A case was filed against the PM Nawaz Sharif in Supreme Court for the accountability of the assets and money trial of billions of dollars.

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Supreme Court of Pakistan inquired through the case and formed 5 member bench which heard Panama Leaks Case and announced the verdict two months later. The decision was 2:3 ratio split up as three judges favored further probe into the money trial to know more about the real insights as two judges asked to de-notify the PM of Pakistan.

Sharif Family Claims:

  • Nawaz Sharif while holding the public office denied any offshore company on his name while defying all the assets that were transferred to his children according to him.
  •  Hassan Nawaz Sharif s/o PM Nawaz Sharif openly accepted in a program ”Hard Talk BBC” in 1990’s that he lives in a rented house in London instead of these Mayfair Flats.
  • Maryam Nawaz Sharif d/o PM Nawaz Sharif denied all the flats and properties in London, she even declared that if or her family is proved guilty then she will apologize in front of nation.
  • Hussain Nawaz Sharif s/o Nawaz Sharif suddenly comes out of nowhere and accepts all the allegations.
  • Sharif Family referred the money trial towards the Prince Hamad bin Jassim of Qatar.

Joint Investigation Report (JIT) Verdict:

  • PM Nawaz Shairf was found to be the chairman of Capital FZE offshore company that he never declared.
  • Maryam Nawaz was proved to be the owner of Nescol & Neilson Enterprises Limited based in UK.
  • UAE Government also defied all the documents provided by accusers in front of JIT.
  • Different Institutions of Pakistan were caught on the charge of changing official records in the favor of Sharif Family.
  • As the Qatari Prince didn’t appear in front of judiciary as the rules of Pakistani courts doesn’t apply stated by him so PM Nawaz Sharif & family failed completely to justify their case and money trial of their wealth.
  • JIT proposed Supreme Court to file criminal reference against Sharif Family as they couldn’t prove themselves innocent.
Some members of Joint Investigation Team     Geo TV
  • Has democracy won today in Pakistan?
  • Will this Panama Case question the accountability of Political Mafia? 
  • Will the powerful elite be punished by the law?
  • Will PM Nawaz Sharif be dismissed by the court?

Conclusion Point 22 (Final):

The Joint Investigation Team comprised of Wajid Zia (FIA Additional Director General Immigration), Amer Aziz (Managing Director NIBAF), Bilal Rasool (SECP Executive Director Communication), Irfan Naeem Mangi (National Accountability Bureau Brigadier retd.), Nauman Saeed (Inter-Services Intelligence) and Brigadier Kamran Khurshid (Military Intelligence). After sixty days of detailed investigation of all the accusers they concluded on the following point.

“Failure on the part of all Respondents to produce the requisite information confirming “known sources of Income” is prima facie tantamount to not being able to justify assets and the means of income.”

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