Islamic State (IS) Militants Mopped Up in Mosul

After a long battle in order to recapture the city of Mosul the Iraqi Army has been extirpating the resistance of Islamic State (IS) militants as a few last pockets are left.

The Government of Iraq will be declaring official victory soon. The Iraqi forces with the help of US-led air attacks have tried to root up the mercenaries from the city since last October.

Although there are many cities seized by IS militants but Mosul came under their control in June 2014. Most of the Iraq’s Sunni dominated areas had swept away while demonstrating a “Caliphate” rule bestriding Syria and Iraq.

Since most proliferated areas by IS militants were wreaking havoc across the country so their Iraqi stronghold was lessened by the advancement of  government forces over the past nine months.


With the staunch support of Shia militiamen, Sunni tribesmen, Kurdish fighters and support by United States alliance of warplanes and ammunition the battle is near success as the city has been recaptured by suppressing the rebels.

  • What do IS militants demand?
  • Why do rebels destroy ancient cites?
  • Is the IS head “Abubakr Baghdadi” killed? 

The jihadists are pushed back to a small tiny area of the Old city and the troops are expected to take full control as informed by the State television on this Saturday.

What is the current scenario in Mosul?

After nine months of intense fight with the IS militants that ruffled the city causing distress among the citizens, the gunfire sounds are still sporadic and the warplanes are still lingering overhead.

Almost all the IS pockets are crushed to one tiny area of the city and but few preventive measures are still taken but the Iraqi security forces have claimed victory.

Pakistan Ka KhudaHafiz

This victory hasn’t been confirmed by the Government and United States forces but the announcement is expected very soon.

This is to be kept in mind that their defeat here will not mean their end in Iraq. For the citizens of the city it is a very significant movement as they have now extirpated the extremists from their city which once used to be the stronghold of IS militants.

  • Will the citizens be compensated the loss they bore?
  • What future measures will be taken for the citizens of Mosul?
  • Will the agencies be vigilant to spot any conspicuous activity?
  • Who’s administration will be controlling Mosul now on wards?

The Iraqi government has announced the “liberation” of eastern Mosul in the January of 2018. The western part of the city has been a bit more challenging for the forces as the streets are narrow and nothing less than a labyrinth.

According to the Security Forces nearly 6,000 IS militants have been crushed as a few hundred are still lingering somewhere which will be pushed away soon. More than 900,000 people have been displaced from the city since 2014.

The destruction of an ancient mosque in Mosul was “an official declaration of defeat” by IS stated by the Prime Minister of Iraq Haider al-Abadi. According to him the IS forces deliberately blew up the leaning minaret as the government troops advanced towards them.

From the thousands trapped, a few manged to flee recently. BBC

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