The World From Hitler’s Lens: Face Saving Approach

Most people are accustomed to distorting and romanticizing the history according to the ideological aspirations and desires. One should have a holistic and unbiased approach towards any story instead of relying on speculations or judging dogmatically. In order to get the real insight of Adolf Hitler’s life and to comprehend the world from his lens one has to view from his ideology. This essay primarily is a face-saving approach for Hitler. Generally, individuals are convinced to think of him as a tyrant, merciless, ruthless dictator and a mass murderer because they are articulated only the dark side while neglecting the other which sounds punitive.

Face saving approach is a strategy in which something is done in order to lessen the embarrassment and to make someone look better in a position where the image perceived by others has a negative connotation. Adolf Hitler is always blamed for igniting the World War II and mass murdering millions of Jews in Europe a few decades ago. He is always declared accountable for all the policies that led to the demise of Germany after the World War II. He is considered the sole reason for wreaking havoc across countries in the mid of 20th century. Has anyone instead of relying on the assumptions and so-called scripted stories read a profound material which is impartially written? Is our curriculum scripted? The answer to this question will be disappointing. Some of the moments in human history were fueled by emotional intelligence.

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This essay does not justify his brutalities and mass murder of innocents all across Europe as it is against the humanity grounds. The primary intention of this face-saving approach isn’t to set aside his wrong-doings but to highlight the background of Holocaust and WW II which most people are unaware of. Hitler didn’t ignite War neither initiated killings which most people blame him to be the sole reason but the reality is a strikingly opposite. As this academic essay cannot cover the whole life of Hitler so the research question will chiefly look into the reasons of events from 1933-45 or the consequences that impelled Hitler to imply certain strategies and policies that society still deprecate. The primary resource consulted for this academic essay is the autobiography of Hitler ‘Mein Kampf.’ Moreover, the order side of history will be vindicated for the logical understanding of individuals that blame Hitler for the devastation inflicted.  He had rational reasons that left him with no other options apart from executing policies that maligned and slandered his reputation and prestige all across the globe.

Although Adolf Hitler is heavily criticized for being a ruthless dictator and mass murderer, nevertheless, he is a true Nationalist because his patriotism is clearly visible in his National Socialism. The fascist policies and the retaliation against Allied Forces and Jews in World War II are rational as there are legitimate reasons. Adolf Hitler is considered as the most extraordinary statesman of the last century because of the National Socialist Movement led by his Nazi Party in Germany. ‘National Socialism Movement was a totalitarian movement led by Adolf Hitler in its intense nationalism, mass appeal and dictatorial rule aimed to make Germany superior worldwide by the revolution of welfare reforms for depressed citizens (Encyclopedia Britannica).’ Keeping in view the profound difference between history and the law along with the psychologizing nowadays it can be asserted that Hitler was not a psychopath. In order to have a glance from Hitler’s lens the foremost phase is to have a look at the formative years of his character when his ideology was crystallized with extreme opinions.


This crystallization did not occur in Vienna where he spent his early years of life but was manifested in Munich during his thirties which is surprisingly late. Being recruited as a lance corporal in the Bavarian Army in 1914 and fighting against the Allied Forces in World War I and watching the demise of Germany wasn’t a pleasant experience for him. Hitherto the question of chronological curiosity was resolved by National Socialism which was coined by the German’s Worker Party which Hitler joined at an early age. In his autobiography ‘Mein Kampf’ which he wrote during his detention of 11 months, one can smell the hatred being boiled against the entities that were wreaking instability in the Weimar Republic later known as Germany. Within two years this small nationalist group of people with the views of blending identity and ideology with the social radicalism chose Adolf Hitler as their leader. This workers party later transformed their name as ‘Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeitespartei’ also known by the name of Nazi Party.

This National Socialism was revolutionary in nature as Hitler viewed liberalism, rationalism, human rights and democracy as subservient to the will of the autocratic state centered upon the loyalty of Fuhrer i.e Hitler. It was this time when Nazism was heavily influencing the minds of Germans through their ideology and people could visualize the glee of glory in Hitler’s socialism. The only way to get out of this state of demise for society was Hitler’s compelling vision and his foresight. Hitler’s National Socialism which he was instilling in the nation was exactly the opposite of communism and capitalism that were Jewish ideologies incorporated in Germany soon after World War I. The eradication of Judaeophobia could be witnessed in the recognizable features of his speeches. This movement hoarded Germans from tearing apart into a giant fire sale. The rejection of radical individualism which poisons the society according to Hitler was proved beneficial.

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The Nazis outlined their chart of destiny to make Germany strong enough for retaliation under the Hitler’s umbrella by raising a resilient generation. The notable features of this Socialist Movement by Hitler included free education, abolition of unearned income, nationalization of trusts, inclusion of profit-sharing, increase of old-age pensions, creation, and maintenance of sound middle-class and state control of the press. This socialism peculiarly with the German roots lingered to prevail after the end of WW II as it had shared many elements with Italian Fascism where both eventually proved themselves to be the modern and anti-elitist movement besides the reactionary phenomenon of anti-Marxist movements.

Adolf Hitler is always deplored and deprecated for the fascist policies that he implemented along with the rule of naked iron hand.  Has anybody at any point thought about the reasons or justifications that left Hitler with no other alternative than to battle for the privileges of his citizens? There must be some genuine reasons that solidified contempt in Hitler’s heart for Jews because events occur for reasons. His obsession began crystallizing with the Jewish after the menace that occurred in Vienna amid his adolescence and is acknowledged by most historians as well. He had witnessed Germany’s economic, political, cultural and academic destruction during and after the World War I by Jewish monopoly.

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After the defeat of Germany in WW I the Jews put resources into German industry for the post-war construction and furnished them with credits for profitable future. Within a short span of time the capitalism was prevalent in the economy which created class differences between Germans and Jews. Many banks were swindled away for the ruthless interests and Federal Bank devalued Reichsmark (currency of Germany) which resulted in huge inflation across the nation. Hitler witnessed the unemployment of millions of workers, lack of warm housing in extreme weather conditions, increased rate of urban suicide and hopeless future. The culture was inflicted by sex-tourism industry, homosexuality, pornography, and criminality flourished through drug trafficking. It was the time when Germany had to face darkest moments of humiliation which was unbearable for Hitler.

According to John Lucas, “The members of government were Communists, intellectuals, bohemians, many of them Jewish, and on occasion, people who had been certified insane (392).” what do you expect from an ordinary citizen who experiences these events that were causing the destruction the beloved country being monopolized for profit sake interests? Hitler after facing the defeat and collapse of German Empire concluded in the first part of Mein Kampf: “I now resolved to become a politician.” It was the time when suffering trained and enforced him to turn self-expression into political oratory and notions to ideology. His vision dictated proper directions to be taken against these bungling politicians when his Nazi Party remained in power for more than a decade.

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Now was the ideal opportunity for Hitler procuring the product which was reaped by entities ruling his nation unpityingly? Through his fascist rule and harsh policies that were legitimate enough after all these consequences, people were forced to obey and admire the military values unquestionably although resulting in the further downfall. Hitler through forcible suppression and despotic dictatorship against opposition and liberal democracy mobilized the country for war and expansion in other countries of Europe. It followed with the execution of racial laws that discriminated Jews and other minority groups. Here the persecution and of Jews and Allied forces can be logically justified as rationality and patriotism come into account for Hitler which he has been suffering during the course of life. The retaliation of Hitler against the Jews and Allied Forces in World War II is rational from a dictator’s lens.

He is always made accountable for the brutalities, atrocities and mass murdering during his rule in Germany from 1933-45. Outlining the holistic approach helps to get the proper insights and genuine picture. The killing of Jews by Nazis is vilified by humanity yet nobody has been told the reasons that brought about the most deplorable and systematic persecution of Jews in the history known as Holocaust. The assertion of War was proposed by Jewish World Congress through London’s Daily Express (international newspaper) three weeks after Hitler came to power in Reichstag. Millions of Jews throughout the world posed imminent threats on Germany and International Jewry was solely responsible. It is generally believed that policies were made by Hitler to suppress and eradicate Jews by launching campaigns of terror whereas Anti-Semitic uprisings were common during that era.


Most of the Jewish historians are on the same stance that these movements which were retaliations for the monopolies wreaked by them for quite a while. Two ambassadors of Germany were assassinated in Switzerland and France gratuitously.  Jewish Press promoted the boycott of German goods all across the world. On several occasions, they planted explosives in the freighters resulting in deaths. Jews through a strategic lobby succeeded in drowning a cruise that caused the casualties of more than 10,000 German workers, nine times more than Titanic (Weinberg). More than forty-two assassination attempts on Hitler is the utmost proof of disdain for him by Jews (BBC Magazine). Hitler had seen more than 7.5 million Germans kicked the bucket as a result of yearning bar (New York Times).These events were intolerable and excruciating for Nazis likewise the Fuhrer. What do you expect from a military dictator who is confronted with such occasions?

Treaty of appeasement or negotiations through bilateral demands was never an option left for Hitler. He had seen his motherland suffering and burning in the flame of fire where external entities frolicked for personal gains ridiculing the prestige of Germans. As you sow so shall you reap was precisely the case in this scenario. Even the most fanatic Nazi-hater Winston Churchill, the Prime Minister of Britain that confronted Hitler in WW II published in The London Times: “I have always said that if Great Britain were defeated in war I hoped we should find a Hitler to lead us back to our rightful position among the nations (” In the early 1940s was the time when the hatred of Nazi-sponsored legislation disenfranchised the Jewish citizens from all commercial jobs and professions. The breadwinners who were left were brutally slaughtered in the concentration camps and the figures are in millions.

Victims of the Concentration Camps setup by Nazis.  Pinterest

The slaying techniques were the most heinous one ever recorded where bodies were mutilated and badly tortured after exposing them to gas chambers. The stance of the essay is objective to reveal the other sides coherently by scribbling down to logically analyze the equating grade of Hitler. At whatever point the issue of WW II comes into debate Germany is proclaimed as accountable by igniting of the war through the attack of Poland. This alludes straightly to Hitler who deployed his Nazi Army to intercede the limit of Poland which eventually resulted in the biggest war the history of mankind ever witnessed. The opposite side of the story is never told as the curriculum is scripted by entities that were against the Nazi regime and the closed minded approach makes scorn just for Hitler. There must be some legitimate reason that made Hitler infiltrate this Nazi Army in Poland in 1939.

After the end of World War I where anti-German hatred was put in the Treaty of Versailles making Germany accountable and the sole reason for wreaking war. For the chastisement, Germany was bounded to pay more than 220 Billion marks along with the gold reserves to rich victors (Daily Mail). This appeared to be outlandish for Germany to pay back this enormous total so it was chosen by the Treaty that territories of Germany will be demarcated and given over to France, Poland, and Allied Forces. East Prussia (region of Germany) was isolated and completely cut off and was the untenable situation that constituted an eventual outbreak. The misery of minority Germans in Poland where they had to confront atrocities and mayhems was intolerable. Another map was set up by Versailles where the boundary line was extended back to Berlin which seemed alarming for Nazis. The situation was aggravating as about 58,000 Germans were ruthlessly butchered (JRbooksonline).

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Border killings of exiles, attack aircraft along with the imminent war threats posed by Poland left Hitler with no peaceful settlement than to go for the rescue as the German-Polish question could not be delayed anymore. The widespread perception about Hitler is the eradication of unemployment through rearmament and securitization of people for the sake of revenge. By meticulously analyzing the German Defense Industry stats this claim is refuted as only 4% of national income was consumed for defense purposes till the late 1930s which reflect the Hitler’s interest for indulging into another war (Weinberg). Keeping these precedents in view and setting oneself in Hitler’s shoes makes the situation extremely intense for any military dictator whose patriotism, nationalism and rationality come first irrespective of outcomes. The analogous example of the occupied area of Kashmir by Indian forces still remained unsolved even after two wars fought by Pakistani Army in seven decades.

In spite of the fact that the results of the war are questionable however the point to highlight is the suffering of citizens which is intolerable by military autocracy. Every military despotism across the globe rules with the irony hand where nationalism is endangered and can be evidenced by history in xenophobic societies. The brighter side of Adolf Hitler is always kept concealed due to the manipulation of historical facts for the personal desires. What was his fault? Was that he showed up for the desperate and depressed nation in the darkest moments and paved the way for the brighter future by overcoming hardships with endurance and resilience. What do you expect from a military dictator who has seen his country facing humiliation for many years? Vengeance? This retaliation and vengeance are always expected (although wrong) from a despotic ruler. He did not want to fall back to Jewish monopoly for interest slavery. He had characteristics of what legends are made of. His only goal was saving Germany from Communism and Judeophobia because he considered them to be an imminent threat for future generations.

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Instead of being epitomized as an emblem of mercy and nothingness Hitler with his nation started building from crap to make Germany superior of all. His devotion and commitment for motherland Germania can be witnessed by the reforms brought in the form of motorization and barter system that later demonstrated valuable for Germany in mollifying the relations with Brazil, Portugal, and Spain. The expression of tortured and humiliated child could not be wiped out as the discourse of life suffused him with vengeance. It’s simple; we can tell ourselves comfortably, Hitler was a madman who somehow hypnotized millions of ordinary Germans to do things against their better judgment.

He became chancellor of Germany by democratic means. A large number of the German elite, sharp and clever people decided to back him. Why would they support a lunatic? And the way Hitler conducted himself demonstrated that he was an astute but wholly unscrupulous politician. His calculations about where power really lay in Germany and how to best manipulate the emotions of ordinary Germans were extremely sophisticated. To put it simply, the concept of Hitler’s vengeance was the causing of suffering in order to heal his own suffering leading to defame of his reputation but for the nation, the sacrifice of prestige was not a big deal for him.

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According to David George who served as a Prime Minister for England after WW I, “Germany does not want war, but she is afraid of an attack by Russia and is suspicious of the Franco-Russian Pact. I have never seen a happier people than the Germans, and Hitler is one of the greatest of the many great men I have met. The old trust him, the young idolize him. It is the worship of Nation Hero who has served his country (” Hitler had no previous authority in government when became Chancellor but the way he impressed his ideas on events rather than allowing realities to reshape his ideas is remarkable.

The policies that he implemented were rational and legitimate enough to justify his stance today. The reforms brought by Hitler for Deutschland will never be forgotten despite the criticism and neglecting root causes leaving no choice for him which brought about the episode of WW II and the Holocaust. People loved him, still do, and will kick the bucket for their Fuhrer.

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