How the movie ‘Hamari Adhuri Kahani’ shaped stereo types in this generation?

Hamari Adhuri Kahani is 2015 Indian love story supervised by Mohit and yielded by Mahesh Bhatt. Main actors in this movie were Imran Hashmi, Rajkummar Rao and Vidya Ballan. It was reviled in June 2015 but received negative reviews from people.  It has shaped stereo types in this generation and has paved the way in forming a stereotypical society.

Gender Role Stereo Types

There are the features which are assigned to men and women by the society not on their biological sex but on the basis of their social roles (Ruble D. N. 2010). Most common example of gender role stereo type is that women are emotional. They cry on little things. Whereas men are strong and the keep their emotions with them. They never cry.

Vasudha creates a love relationship with a millionaire who is hiring hotels Mr. Rubray till Vasudha’s husband came back.

Stereo types in Hamari Adhuri Kahani

This story reveals many types of stereo types and deny some of them these stereo types are listed down step by step.

  • Men never care for the family. It is the women who have to.

This stereo type is very common in all the societies in Asia. In this movie, Vasudha is playing the role of this kind of mother who has to take care of the family. Her husband is out of the country and even not assist her in earning. She is earning herself to fulfill her child’s needs.

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  • Women are caring and loyal.

This stereo type also runs in our society. Infect it is considered as the duty of the wife. In this movie when the hotel is on fire Vasudha said the security in charge to take the president out of the hotel who was resident in the VIP room. But the security in charge refuse to do so. Then she herself went in the hotel and rescue him. This shows that women are caring and loyal.

2ndly when Mr. Rubray give Vsudha an offer to go to Dubai and work with him. She refuse to take the offer the reason she tells that in India her family is living and she has to take care of them as her husband is not in the city.

3rdly she wrote birthday wish for her son on behalf of his husband so that kid might not be sad.

  • Women cannot marry whom they love.

This is the very insane stereo type of our society. That woman are not allowed to marry the person they love. They have to live their life with that person who is chosen by their fathers. Same as the case in this movie Vasudha was married to Harem against her will. Because her father was famous Pundit. And he cannot afford any kind of stain on his false pride.

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  • Husband force his thoughts on the wife.

In our society, this stereo type is very common. Women have to follow the sayings of her father, brother, and husband. This movie also shows the same. When Harem force Vasudha to have a tattoo of his name on her arm. It was pain full for her but she has to do for the happiness of her husband. He thinks that he is showing his love by this.

  • Man is not caring.

The famous stereo type that men are not caring and emotional. But Mr. Rubray was portraying the picture of a caring, loving, gentle and understanding man.

  • As he gives job to Vasudha in his new hotel in Dubai.
  • 2ndly when something goes in Vasudha’s eyes when they were standing in the garden he immediately gets concerned about her.
  • 3rdly he arranges a laptop and video calling for Vasudha because she was missing her child.
  • 4thly he was ready to take out harem from jail because he was concern about Vasudha’s

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  • Women have to take care of her family.

This stereo type is very common in the backward areas of Asia. And this is also shown by the movie characters. As Mr. Rubray’s mother was a single worker of their family. She sings in the bar and earns the living of her child and husband.

  • Women cannot have any type of relationship with a guy who cares for her.

When Vasudha wants a relationship with Mr. Rubray the name written on her arm come in between them and she feels ashamed. This is proved by when she says “Ma nai kar sakti pyar ma kisi or ke malkyet hon”.

  • True love not exist. Or is rare.

This stereo type is also common that men never love the girl truly. It is proven by the mother of Mr. Rubray when she said “Pyar aak zimadari ha Jo kismet walon ko naseeb hoti haa”.

  • Men never give respect to women.

This is the common stereo type that women have to give respect to men. She has to do all the work for him. He will never care for the women. But Mr. Rubray gives respect to Vasudha in the whole movie. And in front of his mother. This is proved by the dialogs of Vasudha when she said “Mujha aaj tak itni izzat kisi na nai di”.

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  •  Husband has all rights to her women.

Harem left Vasudha when their baby was only of month old. And now come back after 5 years. And want Vasudha same as he left. He wants to touch her. This is proved by Hareem dialogs “Ma tumhara patti hon.”

  • Man can have multiple relations but women cannot.

This is another stereo type that women have to live her whole life with a single man. But man can have multiple relations. This was proved by Hareem dialogs when he was in jail and said “Wo sirf mari ha. Mujha is halat ma dakh ka wo Mr. Rubray ka pass kabhi nai jay gi. Wo hemasha is agg ma jala gi ka us na mujha dhoka dia. 7 janam tak ma in ko milna nai don ga”.


          Asian media is revealing many kinds of stereo types through their dramas, movies, news, cartoons, and advertisements. We can see many lame stereotypes which are removing from the people brains by the influence of media. Hens our media is so strong that it can taker anyone mind through its strategies. So I suggest our media should promote good traditions in the society.

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