The Great Depression & World War II

Millions of Americans invested in stock market, they bought shares both with their own money and with the loans. As a result, people sold their stocks and the stock market crashed resulting in the great depression. This caused serious effect on the economy and various industries fired their employees. As the unemployment increased, the government put a tax on everything that was imported or exported. Farmers had no money to buy seeds and fertilizers.

Till mid of 1930 people did not feel much difference, usual developmental activities continued by the government. On the other hand, half of the people had more than enough while half slept without food every night. After 1930, things started to change, women got low paid jobs while men stayed at home doing household chores. It created a serious threat to gender roles, political parties identified the need of a revival of the traditional lifestyle where women stayed at home and men worked. They started their political campaign on the basis that they will create jobs for men.

Young unemployed people started to get involved in politics especially in the movement of Nazism. This also caused low birth rate as people chose to have fewer children. Great depression affected every place equally, America, Russia, France even India. People of India stood against British asking for their rights of freedom. In Turkey Mustafa Kamal shifted the capital from Istanbul to Ankara, he introduced English script for writing in Turkey and modernized Turkey.

French government crushed the peasants uprising, French people were also greatly affected by the great depression. Due to economic crisis government of many countries collapsed. Hitler, Mussolini, and Stalin moved a lot of attention and support, people liked the way they disciplined the country. Stalin worked for industrial progress, and for that, he hired labors from all over the country. In order to feed the labors, he confiscated the grain of peasants who rose against him later.


Traditional peasants were robbed of everything they had including grain and land, they were left to starve to death with their family and children. Stalin also made sure to hand everyone who was causing trouble in the industrial revolution. He provided educational and professional facilities to women, this created stress on women where they worked in the morning and had to take care of the house and children in the evening with additional workload of buying consumer goods by waiting in the queue.

Hitler after coming in power slaughtered people, he had one motto, if you can solve it kill it. He killed every democratic leader, he killed Jew, and he killed people who worked against him as well as with him. He was a racist, he ordered the killing of Jew as they were an inferior nation. He also thought that they were the reason for World War 1 and the great depression.  He killed disable people, prohibited the marriage of a Jew with other Germans or Aryans. On the night of November 9-10, thousands of Jew left Germany, and the people of Germany were happy to get their property and jobs.

World WarBelgium Beertourism

As the result of great depression, every country tried to cope with it through various strategies, the most successful strategy was introduced by the United States and Sweden. Art changed and flourished during this era, people finally discussed the reality of life, and they portrayed hardship, hunger, famine, and inhumane side of life. Religious leader fosters the emotions against the dictatorship in people. The Jew fled from all over the world to Palestine, all the countries encouraged them to go to Palestine so that they can avoid them.

Japan, on the other hand, tried to become powerful. She considered China, US, and other countries as an obstacle. Japanese considered themselves superior, army swung into action and attacked China, and this made the US angry. Hitler liked the idea of Japan and separated from nation league. Italy attacked Ethiopia, Germany invaded Poland and World War II began. Germany invaded the Soviet Union and Japan attacked the Pearl Harbor of US, this finally gave an invitation to the US (Lynn Hunt).


Regardless of who invaded and who killed war only explain stories. Tragic, beautiful, sad and distress worthy. It is interesting how history is full of people who betray and get betrayed, and it’s interesting how there is no lesson learned by the people. Politics, establishments, everything prevails, only people suffer. It is unbelievable how people you love can turn their back on you for their needs. Great depression explains that there is no love stronger than the love of bread.

History only states people that they want us to remember, no one will ever know the invasion of Palestine by the Jew, but we all know how Pearl Harbor attack and Guadalcanal attack happened. The only difference is the difference of power, the power that once Hitler had and so he killed people. Power than now historian have and so they are telling us stories that they think are true, stories that they like. We are moving towards a war again, slowly but steadily. It is not going to affect anyone else but the people. We are naive, we write history, we read history but we never learn our lesson from history.

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Feature Image Credits: History

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