G20 Summit: Important Decisions To Bridge Climate Gap

The final day of talks at the G20 summit has begun and the officials are trying to lessen the gap with the United States regarding the issues of climate change and international trade.

This year Hamburg, Germany is hosting the G20 summit. Angela Merkel the Chancellor was of the view that the talks so far had been “very difficult”.

The Group of Twenty (G20) is a summit of 19 countries including the European Union and the group includes both developed and developing nations across the globe.

To reach the compromise and for the final verdict of the summit negotiators had to work throughout the night. Violent protests are observed as dozens of protesters are setting barricades and vehicles on fire on the streets of Hamburg.

  • Why are people protesting on G20 summit? 
  • Why is Hamburg resembling a war zone? 
  • Who are the protesters?

The Prime Minister of UK Theresa May met with the US President Donald Trump on this Saturday morning. Trump is expecting a “very powerful” trade between the two countries “very quickly”.

German military officers were dispatched to help restore order on the streets of Hamburg

How to deal with the ‘difficult’ issues of G20?

Leaders of G20 summit are struggling their best to negotiate and find a solution with United States over the issue of withdraw from Paris Climate agreement which was followed by Trump’s decision.

According to the reports of the EU officials, there is one unresolved section of G20 meeting which is linked to the US decision referring to fossil fuels.

“The discussions are very difficult, I don’t want to talk around that”, Angela Merkel said on Friday. She hoped that the differences with the US would not affect their relations with other nations.

During the two day G20 Summit. DW

The most important separate issue faced is the Trump’s rejection of free trade, although the president has no opposition to the trade principle but has demanded the deals to protect the US industry.

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  • Why did Trump backed US from Paris Climate Conference? 
  • How are the leaders negotiating on these difficult issues?

“The outcome is good. We have a communiqué. There is just one outstanding issue on climate”, A EU official told Reuters Agency. The official also added in the statement about the pledge to “fight perfectionism.”

On Friday, Mr. Trump met the Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin to discuss the alleged hacking of US presidential elections last year.

US President Trump (Left) meeting Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin (Right).DW

US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson stated, “US President opened the meeting with President Putin by raising the concerns of the American people regarding Russian interference in the 2016 election. They had a very robust and lengthy exchange on the subject. The president pressed President Putin on more than one occasion regarding Russian involvement.”

He wasn’t sure if the two countries come to a certain agreement on what happened. But other issues of terrorism, cyber security and war in Syria were discussed.

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