How The Movie ‘Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge’ Shaped The Stereo Types In This Generation?

Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge abbreviated as DDLJ is an Indian love movie set down in writing and supervised by Aditya Chopra which was released on 20 October 1995. Main characters in the movie were Shah Rukh Khan and Kajol which were playing the role of ‘Raj’ and ‘Simran.’ It has shaped stereo types in this generation and has paved the way in forming a stereotypical society.

Gender Role Stereo Types

There are the features which are assigned to men and women by the society not on their biological sex but on the basis of their social roles (Ruble D. N. 2010). Most common example of gender role stereo type is that women are emotional. They cry on little things. Whereas men are strong and the keep their emotions with them. They never cry.

Story Outline of Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge

Raj and Simran fall in love during a trip to Europe. Raj struggles hard to win the hearts of Simran’s family but Simran’s father has promised her hand to his friend’s son named as Guljeet. The film was shot in Switzerland, London, and India from September 1994 to August 1995.

  • This movie is one of the three Hindi films which any one must see before he dies.
  • It ranked at twelfth in the British Film Institute’s list of top films of all time.
  • It is the longest running movie in the history of India.
  • As now in 2015 about almost 20 years after its first release, it is still being shown at many theaters.

 Stereo types in Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge

This movie plays a very important role in shaping stereo types in the behavior of the young generation. As there are many places in the movie where various stereo types are professionally used by the director. Those stereo types are as follows. They are step by step as the move goes on.

  • If a male member is not earning in his own country he has to go abroad to earn.

This stereo type is very perfectly added in the story as Simran’s father Chaudhry Baldave Singh belongs to a family in Punjab India. But he is earning in London because of the social roles implement by the society.

  • Male is not emotional

This stereo type also is shown by the Simran’s father because he was hiding his emotions from his family that he misses his country and his province Punjab.

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  • Women are home oriented and caring

The mother of Simran Lajo is also playing a role of the stereo type that women are home oriented and caring. This is shown at the start of the movie when she calls his husband daily early in the morning to ask him that he reach the shop safely. Though her husband went shopping through the same route since 22 years. But she still asks him.

  • Younger kid of the family never grows up

This stereo type fits on Simran’s sister Rajeeshwari. Because when Lajo calls rajeeshwari’s dad she says to her mom “Why you call dad every day”?
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Mother replied, “It’s my habit”.

Then she says “Agar aadtyn waqt pa na badly jayn to zaroorat ban jati han”.

Her mom replied “Phir jharna lag gai Philosophy. Tu 12 sal ke ha. Bachon jasi batan kiya kar”.

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  •  Girls are expressive and dream about their future husband.

Our society common stereo type that when the girl enters the age of adult hood she thinks deeply about her future husband or life partner. This is very brilliantly shown in this movie. When Simran read out her poem written in the diary that “Asa pahli bar howa ha 17, 18 sallon ma andakha anjana koi ana laga khawbon main. Dil ka darwaza pa koi dastak day key jata ha……” these lines show her consult about her future life.

  • Son of rich people is very flirty, spoiled and over confident.

Our society only generalizes the stereo type by not knowing the person but only having the appearance or knowing the category in which the person falls. This is called as category based expectancy.

Raj portrays the picture of an over confident, flirty spoiled boy in the binding of the movie.

  • Girls cannot do love marriages.

This stereo type is mostly in the backward areas of the countries. Or in the people who are old traditions. Simran starts loving a boy named Raj and tells her mother about it. His father listen to the whole conversation and become very aggressive. Because he had promised to give her hand to his old friend in Panjab. So he scolds her and forces her to forget about Raj. And take the whole family to Punjab to fulfill his promise.

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  • Girls cannot wear sleeve less, or broad neck clothes in front of Parents.

This stereo type is also portrayed by this movie. When Simran wear shalwar kameez with dupatta in front of her dad and was formal and backless clothes when going outside.

  • A man is not caring and emotional.

This stereo type is common in all the cultures of the world but in this movie, Raj portrays the picture in the totally opposite manner. He was caring, loving, and protective towards Simian. As he helps her in many places in the movie.

  • He helps and saves her from cobs.
  • He left the room for her and slept in the stable with her.
  • He brings food for her.
  • When Simran have to complete her warrat he came for her and was also having warrat.
  • Always women have to sacrifice

In the movie Lajo sacrifice a lot for her brothers, her family, and her husband. And saying same to her daughter Simran. But Raj was not that type of boy he comes for Simran is not shy.

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  • Boys are not shy.

When dadi wants Raj to sing a song he refuses and says no. “but dadi says to himKya larkiyon ke tarhan sharma raha haa”. Dadie’s dialogs clearly represent that boys are not shy.


  • Old people especially women are mean.

This stereo type is too much common in our culture that the old women like bride’s mother or groom’s mother are very mean. But in this movie Simran’s mother Lajo is helpful, feel sympathy and concern for her daughter and Raj. That’s why she put all her jewelry in front of Raj and says him to take her daughter away.

  • Women cannot speak in the matter of their husbands.

Lajo has no right to speak for her daughter. And was forced to do whatever her husband was saying.

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