Dictatorship Is Better Than Democracy For Pakistan

It is a very disturbing and a dark fact that Pakistan has been made for 70 years but has not yet been able to fulfill the purposes that were expected by it, the purposes expected by our ancestors, like Quid-e-Azam and Allama Iqbal, who strived many years to see this dream of Pakistan coming true. One of the major reasons, which are keeping Pakistan away from its goals, is the issue that: ‘should Pakistan better be led by democracy or by the dictatorship?’ One cannot simply come up with one best answer on this matter as everything has its own merits and demerits and nothing is perfect. So, the question arises that which one is better? 

Many people, who consider themselves able to deliver correct answer, try to provide most comprehensive and precise one. But as everyone has one’s own perspective, every answer differs from other in some sense and no objective conclusion can be drawn from any of the discussions, which is the biggest dilemma of all. In short, this is the problem of critical importance due to which Pakistan is stuck and should be dealt with as soon as possible and its solution can be simple i.e. let’s compare both and stick to the one which is better than other.

Considering the past and present condition of Pakistan, dictatorship is far much better option than democracy for Pakistan. Let us see why? Just look at the history of all the major events or major achievements we ever got were at the time of dictatorship. It is said that 1960-65 was the golden era of Pakistan. The era of Ayub Khan, a dictator! The profit rate of Pakistan during this period was 200% and the growth rate exponentially rose from 3.4% to 8.51%. The sixth president of Pakistan Zia-ul-Haq, whose ruling period was longest in the history of Pakistan (1977-1988), is considered to be the best ruler Pakistan has ever seen. The Islamization in Pakistan and the start of the nuclear program in 1979 are two of many major acts of him, which Pakistan can never forget. Zia took over from anarchy. He brought stability to Pakistan. The institutions of Pakistan were functioning properly. There was less corruption. The country had lower debts. People were relatively better off than now. Pakistan’s military was more formidable. Also, his controversial death is still a big question mark.

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It is said that the United States could not afford Pakistan to oppose Geneva Accord and thus they removed the biggest hurdle in their way which gives an idea that Pakistan had respect in the world at that time. Pakistan got its own cement industries, automobile industries, and some other heavy industries during the rule of dictators. Pakistan has seen its best economic situation during the reign of dictators. Pakistan got its first ever legislation under democratic rule, upon which lay the building of upcoming legislations. Besides this, the two of three biggest wars in the history of Pakistan fought and won under dictators. In conclusion, dictators were always the cause of major achievements of Pakistan.

Now I will like to throw some light on the ‘brilliant’ legacy democracy has left for Pakistan. If we compare this history of democracy with the one of dictatorship, we see that Democrats have always left Pakistan retarded. The purpose of democracy is to rule according to the will of people of the nation but has this purpose been fulfilled in Pakistan ever? The answer is no but in fact, Democrats have always looted people and taken loans in their name just to fill their own pockets. For example, the tax rate was 20% increase within a year after Ayub Khan also Pakistan was put in huge debt when our Democrats took money for Kala Bag Dam, which was never built and all that money went nowhere but in their Swiss Bank Accounts. Democrats have always come along with explosions of corruption, inflation, and lack of justice.

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Reuters Pervez Musharraf on the left and former Pakistani prime minister Benazir Bhutto on the right.

Like jageerdari, bhta system and patwari system are some diseases, which cause corruption and injustice, spread by Democrats. Also during Bhutto rule, many major industries were either closed or privatized causing bad effect on Pakistan’s economy, which caused inflation rate shoot to 30%. They only feathered their own nest and did not care about the situation of people. The perfect example is Dhaka Fall, where Mr. Bhutto, in order to save his own seat, let Bangladesh go giving the sense to a world that we can easily be divided. Also, her daughter Benazir Bhutto gave all the names of ISI agents to India just in exchange of money. We can easily see the democracy getting flopped by the fact that no Democratic had completed its 5-year tenure until recently Zardari ‘successfully’ completed his 5 years tenure. In short, Pakistani people are always deceived by the name of democracy and are always left at the mercy of circumstances due to bad governance of democracy.

Recently, we have seen that democracy has failed Pakistan greatly while dictatorship has provided Pakistan with some great times. Musharraf came after series of fail democratic government. First Bhutto then Nawaz Sharif then again Bhutto and at last Nawaz Sharif again. These were the democratic leaders who came in succession but never happened to complete their five-year ruling period because the thing went out of their hands. Why so? Let come to that question later. So, after all this, Musharraf came at the time when inflation, corruption, and terrorism were getting out of control. Musharraf did some urgent reforms. He attracted over $70 billion in investment in the past five years and created 45,000 jobs. The telecommunications sector attracted around $10 billion in investments and created over 1.5 lac jobs. Besides this, he introduced a number of industries in Pakistan increasing Pakistan annual growth rate to 120% of past 10-year growth rate. The economy was the third fastest growing economy after China and India. Corruption was controlled and many steps were taken to preserve Pakistan from terrorism.

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The Democratic leaders. On the left is Benazir Bhutto and on the right is Nawaz Sharif. Reuters

Besides this, there were many educational reforms and the major one is the formation of Institute of Space Technology. He opened the way for political and media environment in Pakistan. Pakistan was coming out of its debts. And then came the period which is called the darkest period of Pakistan’s history, the period of Asif Ali Zardari. He came up after huge criticism over dictatorship but he showed Pakistan that democracy is not for it. The prices increased exponentially and all records of corruption were broken. In justice was at its peak and terrorism and target killing was out of control. There was no sense of merit and there were no jobs for deserving ones. Pakistan was again put under huge debt by taking a loan from IMF. People were dying of hunger and thirst while Democrats were drinking vine having no thought about the poor. Also, Pakistan suddenly became the hub of Taliban due to which drone attacks were increased day by day and many innocent people died due to that. In brief, dictatorship has always tried to take Pakistan to light but democracy has always pushed it back to darkness.

Now I will like to come to the question that why has democracy not prospered in Pakistan? The answer is simple. The countries, which we follow like America, England and Australia, these all are developed countries. The have good economy, high opportunities of jobs and their educational system are far much better than the under developed countries like Pakistan. While on the other hand, Pakistan has a very bad economy and its people have no sense of democracy due to lack of education and this is the thing which Democratic leaders exploit. But, what our leaders refer to the democratic system in Pakistan is not a democracy instead of an abuse to the democratic system. They use democracy as a tool to fulfill their own desires on the name of the nation.

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I totally understand the benefits of democracy in any society as it provides freedom of speech, the supremacy of law, equal justice to everyone, respect of everyone’s thoughts & beliefs, and equal opportunity to every citizen. But in Pakistan people don’t know their democratic rights and how to exercise them. Also, Pakistani people are not yet been able to become nation because they always think about their own profit. In this case, Pakistani people always needed and still need firm one man leadership to keep them together as nation i.e. Dictator. As a result, democracy has not been able to fulfill its purposes and also has not been able to prosper in Pakistan.

In conclusions, from above it is evident that under these circumstances Pakistan really needs a dictator and Pakistan would be in better condition if led by a dictator than by Democrats. And the people who think that democracy is fit for Pakistan should think again because democracy has always let Pakistan down in front of its own people and in front of the world. Also because dictators have achieved many things for Pakistan which could never be done by any Democrats or so called political leaders in the past. In short, dictatorship has always shown its worth in any time or era in the history of Pakistan and has proven that it is better than democracy for Pakistan.

Featured Image Credits: The Nation

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