Criminal Case – Cannibal & Serial Killer

Background and Criminal Profile

Yoo Young-Chul was born on the 18th of April in 1970. He belonged to South Korea. He confessed the killing and then eating of 21 people. His victims were mostly wealthy men in their old ages or prostitutes. One of the cases were dismissed by the Seoul Central District Court because of some technicalities, but he was charged with the other 20. 11 of his victims were disfigured by him and 3 were burnt. This Criminal used to eat livers of his victims. During the tenure of September 2003 till the July 2004, he was an active serial killer. He was of the view that the prostitutes he murdered deserved that because a woman should not act like a slut. The old men he killed, he said about him that they all should know what they had done. Supreme Court sentenced him to death on the 19th of June, 2005 (Brandt, 2009).

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His crimes started in the year 1988 when he started stealing. His theft led him to jail as a prisoner for 10 months. He after this in 1993 married his girlfriend, but again in that year he was convicted of theft and was imprisoned again for 8 months. In 1994 his was blessed with a son. But in the next year, 1995, he was again sentenced charge of 3 million as he was convicted of selling illegal pornography. After 3 years, he was again charged with fabrication, identity theft, and falsification.  In the year 200, he had to go to jail for 3 years and 6 months because he raped and abused a few children. He got divorced and in 2003 was free from jail (Cathy, 2000).

Soon after getting out of jail, he started killing. He stabbed his first victim in his neck and then used his hammer to crush is the head. He killed his first victim’s wife in a similar way. The ages of both were 72 and 67 respectively. On the October 2, he killed another three individuals with the hammer with ages 85, 60 and 35 years. The next day, he killed his 60 years old victim. After a month of 4th November 2003, he hurt three other people but he burned the house just to destroy the evidence. On December 11, 2003, he made new girlfriend but when she got to know about his brutal killings she broke up with him and in revenge, Yoo killed her.

On the 5th March 2004, he amputated a 23-year-old escort and choked her to death.  Just after a month of April 6, he captivated another escort, disfigured her and dumped the body. His next nine victims of ages 25 and 35 years, an unknown victim, 26 years, 27 years, 28 years, 26 years, 24 years, 27 years were all killed in the same way. On the July of 15, 2004 he was finally caught by police (Peter, 2006).


Life-Course Persistent Offending

Moffitt put forth adolescence limited versus the life course persistent offending theory. The case of Chul can be justified using the life-course persistent theory. His criminal acts started in his early age when he was just 18 years old. He was just in his puberty when his crimes like stealing and theft started. His criminal life was not just restricted to early years but it was life-long. His offenses were not limited to a single course or type of crime, but he committed a variety of different crimes. He was very violent and brutal with his victims. His behaviors are evidence for his hyperactivity and an uncontrolled temperament (Brandt, 2009).

He did not belong to a well off family and his low social economic status was also one of his reasons for his murders. As mostly his victims were wealthy and he said that he wanted to teach them a lesson, so these show that he was not satisfied with his life. Because of his low economic status, most of his desires were not fulfilled by his parents and he did not have many social interactions (Rose, 2000).

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He did not have any understanding of the emotions and feelings of others because he was somewhat self-centered. His self and desires were more important for him rather than the social values and the rights of others. The environment around him, in his early years of the offense, was not supportive of him and this led him to be a part of the most violent crimes. He continued his crimes and they started getting brutal with time because he used to sneak out. He did not think before acting and just went for his criminal act. This poses that he had issues in making decisions. He had no friends, his wife left him after a few years of the marriage and his girlfriend also could not get along when she got to know about his criminal record so his life was anti-social with no strong or healthy relationships (Diamond, 2013).

Chul was charged with many different domains of crimes, with theft and stealing being at the lower level while sexual abuse, murders, cannibalism being the most violent ones. He was not healthy psychologically and was considered to be mentally sick. Different psychologists diagnosed him with a Pedophilic disorder, Sexual disorders, Sexual Masochism disorder and Conduct disorder (Cathy, 2000).


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