Consumer Behavior – Applications

Consumer Behavior

Consumer behavior is the study of how the consumer of a society thinks, makes reasoning, feels and make decisions and selections from the different types of items available. This helps the marketers to improve their techniques and strategies by understanding their perceptions and demands (Blackwell, 2006).

The environment plays a very important role in influencing the consumer. One is influenced by the culture, peers, media and family etc. When one is out for grocery or shopping, their decisions and abilities of processing the information are kept in mind. What are the items which gain the attraction of the consumer and how can he be motivated to buy a product are all considered by the firms and different organizations when they make a product to sell it in the market (Deaton, 1980).

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Applications of Consumer Behavior

The applications of consumer behavior in the field of marketing and psychology are wide spread. Some of them are mentioned below.

  • One of the most important is the marketing strategy. The marketers are in this way able to know about the campaigning of their products in such a way which will grab the attention of the consumer.
  • For example, the consumers are more likely to follow an advertisement related to breakfast cereals and dairy products in the morning. So they normally advertise about such items in those hours of the day (Blackwell, 2006).
  • Whenever a new product is available in the market, normally the ratio of consumers buying it is less than the product which was already available. So there is a need to motivate them to go for the new one (Deaton, 1980).
  • For example, promotion of their product by celebrity endorsement and giving some free samples or some offers will make the consumers to go for that product in a larger number (Kardes, 2001).
  • Public policy is also another application in this regard. In this the law and institutions can also influence the consumption of a certain product by the society.

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  • For example, if a medicine for the cure of dark circles is introduced, but when it was used by girls younger than 16 years it caused them to have different skin problems. The law agencies can take a step to make the consumers aware of the fact that such an act can be harmful for certain age groups (Kardes, 2001).
  • Giving the society something which is beneficial is also important. Social marketing is one of the most important applications in this filed. Spreading awareness to the consumers is important more than just selling a certain product (Deaton, 1980).
  • For example, the awareness campaigns which promote the consumption of healthy and hygienic food and dairy products is spreading awareness among people. Carefully seeing the expiry date on products and the certification from different food companies about the hygienic food and dairy items in tetra packs are one of the important steps taken by the advertisers (Kardes, 2001).
  • Another application is giving the consumers some benefit in the sense of quality, quantity and price.
  • For instance, a soft drink of good quality is available in a packing of 1.5 liters for Rs.80 and in the packing of 2 liters for Rs.90, the consumer is more likely to buy the one with 2 liters keeping in view the quantity and price.
  • Another factor is media. Media is influencing the consumer behavior in ranges. So in this regard the consumer is mostly targeted by the use of print and electronic media and the bill boards etc. (Blackwell, 2006).

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  • The use of brand ambassadors and models for the promotion of their products helps in gaining the attraction of the consumers (Deaton, 1980).
  • When the marketers know the preferences of the consumers they are more likely to come up with a product which fulfills the demands of the consumers.
  • For instance, a cream introduced in the market which serves as a whitening cream, a sun protect and a base for the face is more preferable than buying three different products for this purpose (Kardes, 2001).

So, the behavior of consumer and their choices matter a lot when it comes to the actual buying of the product. So the firms and organizations are working every day to know the consumer in a much better way to gain their attention and encourage them to buy their products (Deaton, 1980).


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