The Cataclysm Wave Of Revolution

The wave of French revolution arose somewhere from 1987 to 1989 in various parts of Europe, especially in France, Poland, Dutch republic and Austria. And as a result, it finally broke out in the form of 5th October incident. The French revolution is very important in history because the French were considered one of the most educated, wealthy and populous societies in the Europe at that time. When the wave of revolution entered the Dutch republic, it attracted the attention of the whole world as it was considered the capital in terms of finance and economy control.

The same revolution took place in Belgium where people organized a club in order to raise voice for their rights, as a result, these secret clubs formed armed companies and finally the Austrian government clasped as every province declared its own independence. But this was soon suppressed by the local people when they came with their priests with crucifiers in order to protect the churches.

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In Poland, a reformed party called patriots emerged and brought about the wave of revolution.  Although there were many things that played an important role in initiating the French revolution, however, financial crisis played a very important role. The government had an equal tax system, so as a result, they were trying to modernize the tax system, but they failed every time. The king and the queen of the time were hated by the people as both were more interested in their lavish hobbies than in the prosperity of the country. The king tried to reform the constitution but each time judges denied and as a result, they became heroes for the public but in reality, they wanted things on their own term.

So the king finally called the estate general, the tax structure was reformed again but still the lower class has to pay more. King accepted the new assembly but also ordered the soldiers to march to Paris. On reaching there the soldiers murdered a high ranked minister. At this time a dangerous famine took place, France was already going through a finical crisis as many of the textile workers were out of their job. This famine added the fuel of hunger to the already unemployed penniless fire of people. Once the people heard about the death of the minister they armed themselves and attacked the places where the government stored food.

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The government finally fell apart and one of the heroes of the war of independence became the deputy of the national assembly. Unlike other places French revolution did not settle right away, instead, they tried to build a constitutional monarchy but failed when king attempted to raise the army. Peasant refused to pay the tax and started to attack the aristocrats, this was the result of the great panic. The government changed the rules overnight ending the feudalism. This is called a declaration of the rights of men and citizen, this gave equal rights to everyone, freedom of speech and many other though it raised some questions regarding the equality of black men and women as they were not allowed to vote during the French revolution. Regardless of every question the first written constitution that gave the right to vote to white people passing certain wealth test.

When this constitution was refused, the government ordered the clergymen to take an oath of loyalty to the government, but when the pope of Rome condemn it clergymen refuse to take the oath. As a result, they were forced into exile. Royal family escaped and was captured on their way to Austria. After the first assembly tenure came to an end no one from the former assembly stayed. King declared war on Austria and later Prussia entered Austrian side. People threatened the royal family as soon as they realized they were not ready for the war, later Prussian commander took the side of the royal family.


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Later Prussian army entered France and as a result, violence exploded. The king was finally executed but the violence did not settle. The wrong policies kept on increasing the resistance. They started a new revolution called de-Christianization. By getting into religion republicans provoked resistance, women became frustrated of long food lines and started to protect the priests who refused to take the oath. After the elections, a national convention was formed that crushed the women clubs, this closing played an important role and from then onwards it became difficult for the sans-culottes to survive.

The judgments were revolved giving the right or either acquittal or death. This made political scenario worse. French army defeated the Austrian army. A clash between the public safety and national convention left Robespierre isolated. He was later arrested. New government arrested and killed some of the notorious terrorists and finally there was calm everywhere. French revolution also reformed the European policies (Lynn Hunt).

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