Critique on “How To Stop Rape” by Roosh Valizadeh

"Roosh Valizadeh, an American blogger, pickup artist and writer, graduated from the University of Maryland with a degree in microbiology. He initially started working as an industrial biologist but after leaving his job, he started his local blog called "DC bachelor" which later he named as "Roosh V" "("About Roosh V (Daryush Valizadeh)"). Roosh Valizadeh... Continue Reading →

All Forms Of Beauty Should Be Celebrated

The use of the phrase “alternative beauty” already demarcates essential forms of self-expression from what we come to know and recognize socially, culturally and historically as “normal” forms of beauty: in that they are widely accepted and hailed. Expressions of beauty as a form of self-expression is neither normal or abnormal. Rather, it should be... Continue Reading →

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