Miss Fatima Jinnah – The Forgotten Queen

As a nation, we are accustomed to distorting and romanticizing the history according to the ideological aspirations and desires. Due to the influence of powerful and corrupt mafia, the history has been manipulated and this tendency is because of the societal consequences which affect the stature of the certain historical figures. Fatima Jinnah is one... Continue Reading →

US Granted Visa to Afghan Girl Roboticists

A group of school girls from Afghanistan have been granted US visa after their  initial applications were denied. They are taking part in a robotics competition which will take place in Washington D.C United States next week. According to the news agency US President Donald Trump has urged the authorities to re-access their decision. Till now... Continue Reading →

JIT Panama Leaks Verdict Announced

Some 11.5 million documents known as Panama Papers were leaked in 2015 that contained financial and attorney client information of more than two hundred thousand offshore entities across the globe. 140 politicians of different countries across the globe were enlisted in the Panama Leaks. Ministers of different nations across the world were kicked from their posts... Continue Reading →

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