Consumer Psychology Analysis ‘Cadbury Perk Ad’

The advertisement which under study is Cadbury Perk Gorilla Ad. The main idea of this advertisement is related to the event in which a proposal comes to a girl’s home, the boy’s family come to see the girl for their boy as in for marriage. But what happens next, they saw a gorilla holding a tea tray in the hand and all get shocked and frightened, and even the boy gets unconscious and fell down, and after some time when the gorilla eats Cadbury perk it changes into the girl, which means that the girl changed into gorilla due to hunger.


Weaknesses of Cadbury Perk Advertisement 

The advertisement should be more realistic than having this kind of stuff which is only based on seeking the attention of the viewers rather than having something that really works in reality as well.

  • They should have focused on the taste and flavors of the chocolate as it is the addition of a chocolate not of any issue related to those shown in the advertisement
  • The whole ad is based on the attention seeking scene of the family becoming shocked and the gorilla eating chocolate when hungry and then the girl gets back to her real self.
  • At the end only 4 to 6 seconds they actually take the name of the chocolate and show it, so basically it is more focused on seeking attention.and not on any of the contents related to the product

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Strengths of Cadbury Perk Advertisement 

  • The main positive aspects of this and includes that they have chosen an interesting topic which seeks the attention of the viewers immediately and makes them laugh.
  • The advertisement is quite interesting and is mostly enjoyed by the children as they become pleased to see the gorilla.
  • Somehow the focus of the person goes to the thing that if a person is so much hungry he can become anxious and hyper and this is a good idea to keep such small food items with oneself to feed oneself and remain in a pleasant mood.

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  • If this add should be a little improved than it may have reached its goal and the real product would have become much famous and the purchase rate would also be increased.
  • The little mistakes which could be improved were like they can show a realistic scene that when someone is getting annoyed in a situation where he is trapped like in a meeting, in classroom, traffic jam etc. and he is unable to come out of it although he is quite hungry then they can show that a person suddenly comes to remember something and then person takes out this chocolate from the bag and enjoys it. Then his mood also changes.
  • And then they should show the chocolate properties, the fine quality of chocolate and wafers so that people can get more motivated. So this all can be much more realistic and actually work than just showing something which is not a part of the reality and which can only make one laugh.

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