Air Pollution – A Threat For Us

The air we that we breathe in and breathe out every minute of every day can be poisonous for us. The rapid increase in air pollution is causing a real threat to human life. Increasing vehicles and burning motor oil are adding carcinogens and poisonous gases. Pollen, mold, ozone, and black smoke in short everything that we inhale can make us sick. Today air cannot be described by its purity instead it is time to describe air by pollution. I am allergic to pollen, I go through tough days and I have to beat my chest in order to collect some oxygen into my lungs. Breathing, literally, the first thing what you do when you are born, it is difficult for me. Whenever I go to a place where there is dust I feel an itching sensation in my throat, it’s painful and irritating.

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Dryness of throat and dryness of skin and the mucosal lining is another problem. In fall when everyone is dressing in wool clothes I feel scared that I would not be able to breathe properly. I use an inhaler all time, but at times when I forget my inhaler, I try to come back early. Inhaling dry smoky air can cause coughing, chest tightening, and shortness of breath, irritation of airways, difficulty in lungs function, fatigue, and even fainting in some cases. This concerns me the most. It scares me that I am breathing in the same air where industrial waste is poured in the form of smoke every day. I am not only scared for myself but also for the people around me. My mother, my father, my siblings and people I love breathe in the same air. It is especially dangerous for children and old people as the lungs of child develop progressively (Allaby).

Ozone, a major reason for air pollution that causes ultraviolet radiations to enter the earth. It affects the skin and is a major cause of skin cancer. Ozone also cause respiratory tract infections, inflammation of mucosal lining, asthma, lung cancer, skin and respiratory track allergy. In normal conditions, it causes skin allergy, dryness of throat, dryness of hair, redness of eyes, blotchy skin, and dryness of skin. In severe conditions, it may lead to cancer, skin ulcers, eyesight blurriness, dry eye and other disorder. Being a light skinned person, visiting a beach can be a problem. Even being outdoor can be difficult. It can cause skin infections and allergies.


Air conditions in Massachusetts are getting worse, ozone in the environment is continuously creating problems. Many alerts have already been issued, for this reason, recently on May 16, 2016, a warning was issued. It is very important to improve or at least maintain the environmental conditions. This is important as this will prevent the environmental condition to get worse. Some important steps must be taken in order to ensure the quality of air. Everyone needs to walk more, this is not only good for health but also safe for the environment. Using public transport is another way of preventing the environment from getting more polluted. Each private transport adds more smoke and causes more air pollution. In such a case it is very important to use private transport and make sure to keep the car tuned and maintained.

Prefer using paper bags rather than plastic bags. It is also very important to use a plastic bag, use an eco-friendly plastic bag that degenerates on its own. Plant more trees and plants, this helps in improving the air condition as well as purify the environment. It is recommended to limit the use of air conditioners, refrigerators, and sprays to purify the air. All these things contain chlorofluorocarbons or in other words CFC. This combine with ozone to initiate a long chemical process, as a result of this process ozone layer is depleting.

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Eco-friendly sprays, refrigerators, sprays and other products are introduced in order to prevent the environment. Another important thing that people neglect is that they use body sprays and deodorants. There are CFC free sprays. Spray Paints and dyes and other things also contain dangerous chemicals that are inflammable and even harmful to inhale. They are even dangerous for the environment and living organisms. All these things must be avoided. Sacrificing short term pleasure and some money for securing the future is more important (Joseph).

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Featured Image Credits: Science Topia

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