Critique On “6 Reasons NOT To Send Daughter To College” By Raylan Alleman

Raylan Alleman, the popular face of ‘Fix the Family’, describes the reasons why sending girls to college can be a near occasion of sin. Fix the Family is a website that posts catholic based lifestyle blogs and articles. (“What is Fix the Family?”) The author, Raylan Alleman, is himself a religious catholic and has a lifestyle centered on catholic principles. His article “6 Reasons to NOT to Send Your Daughter to College” was published on September 8, 2013. It was posted on “Fix the Family” website. Later this article was modified as “6 Reasons (+2) to NOT to send Your Daughter to college as 2 more reasons were included. The context of the article is mainly based on catholic doctrine and teachings and intends to captivate the attention of catholic parents. The author has time and again stressed upon the traditional gender roles. Author’s overall argument, about not sending daughters to college, is illogical, over-generalized and based on poor judgments. It also lacks ethos and contradicts the claims made by the author himself at various points.

In his article, he initially declares the issue of sending daughter to college as a controversial one. He argues that the women are well suited to get a home education than a college diploma. He further claims that daughters should be trained to be mothers and wives as that is what they have been made to do. The author believes that getting a degree entitles a woman to do a job and so she cannot learn to be a loving wife and a nurturing mother. He asserts that it’s a woman’s duty to look after the family and not to earn for it. According to Alleman, feminism has made the degree and job look glorious and homemaking demeaned. He answers some of the common questions that are encountered when this issue is raised. He then expounds 8 reasons to support his claim about why sending daughters to college is unnecessary. His intention is basically to support the idea of traditional gender duties. His purpose is to encourage parents that home education is better than university degree for girls because if they send their daughter/s to college it would be a near occasion of sin for both. (2). (3).

Author has over-generalized his argument at various points. The most common generalization is the discussion on the subject within the catholic doctrine. He has assumed that the internet is full of catholic believers and has ignored the fact that many internet users are not of catholic faith. In all actuality, this is a Catholic based site, so it is going on be loaded with arguments in the light of principles and lessons from Church. Be that as it may, Alleman’s views in this perspective are stunningly misogynistic, even from a religion commanded by a patriarchy that emphasis women should not work outside the home. (Smith)

He has assumed that the reason for girls going to college is getting a degree, not an education. (1). If that’s the case, then it should be applicable to men too. Men also acquire a degree from college and not necessarily an education. From this viewpoint, there should not be any reason for boys to go to college either. The author is making the use of customary sex speculation and states that everyday routine of a job is underneath a woman’s respect while being a spouse and mother at home is of immeasurable dignity. (1). Work should not be a premise of characterizing lady’s pride. If the nobility is really controlled by one’s employment, then men should be judged by their occupations. Not all occupations are undignified. A lady is honorable by the men around her and how well they all are taught and how well they treat her. The author has speculated that if  a woman goes to a college, acquires a degree and gets a job, then she won’t be able to learn how to be a wife or a mother.(3). As far as this claim is concerned, becoming a wife or a mother is something that is learned from experience. It is not related to the woman staying at home and getting a home education or going to college or doing a job. A girl cannot learn to be a wife until she is married. She can’t know how to raise and nurture children until she bears her own child. So basically author has made this claim completely by his own assumptions.

Alleman has made illogical claims in the article. He asserts that good working knowledge can be achieved in first 12 years of school. (1). School life doesn’t offer a lot of opportunities or experiences through which one can acquire good working knowledge. On the other hand, the college provides a person with such chances.  The suggestion is that “wisdom” is something that one gets from sources they endorse of and that schools are centered around on preparing for occupations. This is distant from the truth that the author seems to be misguided or out and outlying. Colleges and schools give instructions that can’t be acquired from essentially going by the web and perusing books – the exchanges and, all the time, talks about that go ahead in school classrooms are without examination.

Also, the author only implies all his arguments to women and not men. If that is so, then there shouldn’t be any need for boys to go to college either. They can learn some skill which can help them in earning enough to support their family. On the off-chance that a woman remains home with her kids since her husband can accommodate the family, that is totally her privilege. In any case, it should be her decision/choice, not a commitment. The circumstances where women who aren’t wedded, or who can’t have/don’t need children are not mentioned anywhere in the article. Another irrational implication made by the author is that in a case of misfortune with husband, insurances are available at affordable prices. (2).

Moreover, the author is trying to convince his argument without providing a solid ground for them. So whatever he says is basically his own opinion and stand on the subject. While he agrees on giving women more dignity and respect, he believes it can be attained only when women are deprived of getting a professional degree and higher education. (1). Meanwhile, he has totally obviated the fact that an educated woman can raise a responsible generation and hence future of the world. He claims that women in college will be in near occasion of sin (2).  This means that the men she’d be surrounded with will not be gentlemen enough to look at her as a living person but an object to satisfy their sexual desires. This raises serious questions about social and civic ethics of men towards women in general. Similarly, the idea the author presents behind sending his daughter to college to avoid her attracting the wrong type of men (2) is also rearing our serious concerns about the way the society is raising their sons. It’s not the women who need to be secluded from the society but the men must be raised to respect and dignify human beings in general.

Similarly, the above-mentioned debate made by the author is not based on solid ground and lacks overall reasoning. The author has not cited the bible anywhere in his article nor does any saying of any catholic religious scholar. He does state what catholic doctrine says about women staying at home and raise children but does not give where his argument comes from. (1) (4). Furthermore, author has provided with irrelevant support when he mentions the study of Catholic OB-GYN Dr. Kim Hardy on the psyche of women towards men. (3). A gynecologist’s job cannot tell   about one’s psyche. Rather a psychiatrist can explain such things more properly. The author claims that that women regret going to college. (4). But does not offer with any statistics or with any other solid proof to back up his statement. Such assertions seem self-assumed and lack proper reasoning and research.

Author’s poor judgment holds him back to see the real picture. All the women who go to college do not invite sin but it’s the men who take advantage and try to make a move. In this case wouldn’t it be better if we ban men to go to college because they cause distress in society and lives of other people. Also, if the author believes that 12 years of education is enough for a lifetime then can he explain the existence of some of the biggest and most prestigious colleges of the world like Harvard, Yale and Princeton and how are they contributing towards the betterment of society as a whole while “not educating” the students.

Even though the claims made by the author are illogical and lack reasoning, his writing style is impressive and aptly elaborates what the author is trying to convey. The point author is trying to make about the dignity of a women is valid too. Even though he is concerned and careful of woman’s dignity and thinks that it should preserved in every manner but it does not imply that a woman’s right of higher education must be taken away from her.

The author puts forth the many reasons to not send your daughter to college claiming that it is best for her to not get an education because then she would end up wanting a job and will be exposed to the barbaric society. The author is missing the point that half of the troubles women face in progressing in the society as an independent being is because of the men around her. It is the men, not women who must be trained to be man enough to respect women as a human being. A college degree does promise a future for when of a misfortune or simply because a woman wants to learn and play her part in the society and for a better financial condition for her family. Since the author does not present factual information about his claims all of his assertions become mere opinions of his own. Alleman has debated the presented issues over morals than logics. One learns in college that no religion deprives women of getting education and none forces them to stay in dark.


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